BMW F1X 535i 640i 740i N55 Charge Pipe Boost Pipe




DSMJT’s charge pipe can replace OEM’s pipe(Aluminum replaces Plastic).

The Pipes are made from heavy duty High Grade 6061 aluminum.

DSMJT’s pipe body has the warranty for 3 years(non- human factor damage)

The lifetime of accessories can be predictable.

Increase throttle responses and decreases turbo lag.

The end diameter of charge pipe is larger than the OEM.

Enlarge the charge pipe end diameter to increase the air flow.

The internal polishing of pipe can increase the air flow.

G Class- With special polishing process inside can reduce the situation of air hindering.

Aluminum pipe can stable air flow also reduce the reaction time of throttle.

Retain the OEM’s o-ring throttle body lock flange.

Precision CNC machined throttle body flange ensures leak free connection to throttle body.

Quick and easy connection and disconnection to throttle body.

Diverter Valve Charge Pipe features beaded ends and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler
piping from coming off from boost.

Increase the part’s durability to extend the lifetime.

Reserved water injection hole.

The connector is made from strengthening plastic with three layers of yarn.

Directly install without any modifications.

Include all hardware for complete installation.

Part was found on the following vehicles:
13717583728 、 13717609811

sg71342  sg71342bp


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BMW F1X N55 Charge Pipe and Boost Pipe Set 13717583728 13717609811

Make your BMW better

DSMJT presents outstanding driving dynamics, efficiency, and safety aluminum charge pipe that can replace OEM’s plastic/rubber charge pipe. Compared DSMJT’s pipe with the OEM during the high boost pressure the former is still in the original shape but the latter is expanded. The OEM’s pipe is easy to crack in normally high boost pressure and high temperature. The cracked OEM’s pipe may have some pieces would bring into engine and cause damage.

DSMJT’s aluminum charge pipe can stably increase airflow and decreases turbo lag happened due to the enlarged pipe diameter(3″ or 76mm)in the end pipe. The DSMJT Turbo Charge Pipe is really safe even driving in the high boost pressure. DSMJT provide the unique Turbo Charge Pipe, no matter you are ECU refitted car or the original car.

This pressure tube replaces the original BMW part with the following part number: 13717609811、13717583728

sg71342 sg71342bp



F07 GT 535i 、 535iX N55。 (09/2008 — 06/2013)
F10 535i 、535iX N55   (01/2009 — 06/2013)
F11 535i 、535iX N55  (02/2009 — 06/2013)
F11 LCI 535i 、535iX N55  (10/2012 — 02/2017)
F18 535Li  (08/2009 — 07/2013)



F06 Gran Coupe 640i 、 640iX  (05/2011 — 02/2015)
F12 640i 、 640iX  (10/2009 — 02/2015)
F13 640i 、 640iX   (04/2010 — 02/2015)



F01 LCI 740i    (05/2011 — 05/2015)
F02 LCI 740Li 、 740LiX  (05/2011 — 05/2015)