Mercedes Benz W212 E200 / E250  Charge Pipe and Boost Pipe

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Make your BENZ better


DSMJT’s turbo pipe can replace OEM’s pipe(Aluminum replace Plastic).

Pipes made from heavy duty High Grade 6061 aluminum.

DSMJT’s pipe body has the warranty for 8 years(non- human factor damage)

The lifetime of accessories can be predictable.

Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag.

The end diameter of turbo pipe is larger the OE factory.

Enlarge the turbo pipe end diameter to increase the gas flow.

The internal polishing of pipe can increase the gas flow.

G Class- With special polishing process inside can reduce the situation of gas hindering.

Aluminum pipe can stable gas flow also reduce the reaction time of throttle.

Retains factory style o-ring throttle body lock flange.

Precision CNC machined throttle body flange ensures leak free connection to throttle body.

Quick and easy connection and disconnection to throttle body.

Diverter Valve Charge Pipe features beaded ends and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.

Increase the part’s durability to extend the lifetime.

Reserved water injection hole.

The connector is made from strengthening plastic with three layers yarn.

Directly install without any modifications.

Includes all hardware for complete installation.


A2045284582 、

was found on the following vehicles:

W212 E200 E250

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Mercedes Benz W212 E200 / E250,  Boost Pipe andCharge Pipe   Set A2045284582 A2045284682

BENZ W212 E200 E250 charge pipe Combination packages
Charge pipe + Boost pipe

DSMJT delivers outstanding driving dynamics, efficiency and safety
DSMJT’s turbine tubes can replace OEM tubes (aluminum replacement plastics).
If your BENZ has a high boost,

Make your BENZ better

This aluminum tube replaces the factory plastic tube. For vehicles with an increase in performance, the increased boost pressure can cause the original pipe to burst. This defect can lead in the worst case by sucked fragments to engine damage.
The Charge Pipe, made of aluminum, has an increased diameter (2 “) compared to the original, reducing air turbulence while increasing airflow, resulting in faster turbocharger response and higher maximum possible output, without the need for ECU software software Even with very high charging pressures, there is no risk of bursting in. The installation is relatively easy as this Charge Pipe Plug’n’play is exchanged for the series part.


A2045284582 、

was found on the following vehicles:

W212 E200 E250