DSMJT’s Facility

DSMJT is different from traditional tuning brands who only focus on the performance of the product; Safety and High-performance have always been our highest priority consideration. Beside the High-Stability and High-performance that we believed we also can do better in Safety. Creating a higher experience of driving.

There are a variety of facilities to meet our design development and production requirements.

  • 3D high-end scanner
  • 3D high-end printer
  • 3D solid state printer
  • CNC turning milling equipment
  • 2000w laser cutting machine
  • Pipe Bending Machine
  • Polishing Facility
  • Coating Processing Area
  • TIG Welding Processing Area
  • Dyno Testing Area
  • Monitoring of Air flow behavior on different
  • Intake manifold angles system
  • OBD-II HP Road Test Performance Device
  • Development, Installment and Testing of new products
  • Electroplating and Anodizing Service

With the finest and latest facilities to fulfill the qualified magnification just for your valuable consumers.